Servertech Internet R&D Labs is an open source, community based project created by SERVERTECH Ltd. to help students start,grow and sustain their university projects FREE OF CHARGE !

We are a young free will sponsored IT geek squad that want to lend a hand to companies and general public in a more friendly manner than traditional IT firms by the use of social media and free knowledge to raise awarness to everyday technology brakethroughs and best habits !

Our main platform relies in its core as a CaaS / ITaaS based concept, offering quality IT solutions for tight bugdet projects.

We strive to offer customers the satisfaction of fast, reliable IT infrastructure and security solutions and cosulting through the help of open source platforms and enterprise grade monitoring solutions in order for us to generate precise and detailed client reports for any BI necesities.

We also offer University Students free developement platforms and free consulting hours in integrating fully functional Study Environments by hosting and implementing student`s websites, projects or school documents in a scalable, secure cloud environment.

Our infrastructure is community based driven as we do not charge students for anything, we do apreciate any sort of donation in Hardware, Money, Software, Interesting ideas :).

We would like to hear from you if you might be interested in knowing more about us !

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